Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 years after 9/11 ...

I still remember 11/9 of 2001, when at 7.30 PM IST, I got the mail on cet86 from gopalaswamy that US was under a terrorist attack.

When I switched on the TV, was shocked to se the WTC buildings being attacked and people running helpter skelter, live from CNN.

Days later came to hear from Rajan how he got trapped in the incident and could return home only after three days.

Now 7 years later, it is chnaged a lot, though AlQaeda still remains a threat to US, still undemolished, proving the claims of US militart might completely and pitiable wrong !!

The only good thing that has happened to US since then is, it has preferred to partner with democratic countries like India which will ensure it remains a lot on the world scene, much after the 2035 AD deadline (revised from 2050 AD ) the BRIC report from Goldman Sachs which says India will overtake US and Japan to be the second largest economy in the world after China.

The Indo-US nuclear deal, an important one opens up direct opportunities for US companies to do commerce with India to the tune of $40 billion and much more indirectly ... Democracies will flourish, especially the ones founded on firm ethical principles of equality and non-deceit ...


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  1. Just to provide a different perspective.....

    There is a feature film, The Reflecting Pool, that released recently which calls into question (both logically and scientifically) the official version of the attacks. I don't know how successful the makers will be in making the story available to the public. There was a similar movie made by someone a few years ago. But that was more a documentary and it does not show in regular theatres here. After its initial quiet release, the rights to the movie were purchased by the Discovery Channel who then suppressed the entire movie. When you consider that corporations and other large business interests have a choking grip over governments, these things suddenly enter the realm of reality, as opposed to remaining conspiracy theories.

    Apart from this, if you Google for Loose Change, you will see clips from a similar movie, that initially started as a compilation of discrepancies and contradictions in the public stories put out by the government. The makers (apparently a couple of kids in their early 20s) researched the topic more and as they obtained more footage that backed up the existence of these contradictions, they turned it into a movie that has gone through several versions. I believe they have just released one called Loose Change, Final Cut. One telling scene in this movie shows a BBC report with a reporter reporting on the collapse of 7 World Trade Centre, the third building to have collapsed that day, about 20 minutes before it actually collapsed and with live footage of the building standing in the background and how that report was pulled midway because of "problems with the satellite feed". So, while the official story seems nice and convenient, it doesn't really hold up under closer scrutiny. What the actual truth is no one will probably ever know.

    I believe this is the Final Cut:

    >> The only good thing that has happened to US since then is,
    >> it has preferred to partner with democratic countries...........

    George, kidnapping people and shipping them over to (or, implicitly, partnering with) undemocratic nations like Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Morocco and even aboard ships in international waters for torture is not exactly partnering with democratic countries or promoting open, democratic governments. And that too, when fighting a rather tenuous "war on terror".



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