Tuesday, September 30, 2008

privatise profits and socialise losses .. !!

Privatise profits and socialise losses !!

The Bush Mantra ( not at all capitalist and open market mantra..) got a major set back today in the House of Reps.

American lawmakers are not allowing its financial institutions which thrived on greed and foul play to survive, while policy makers want such foul practices to continue thrive on public money ..

In a free market economy, market forces decide whether companies survive or die. If the government interferes to prop up selective companies, it is worse than socialism .. It is propping up immoral and inefficient companies working on the basal instincts of its top brasses, who will contiue such practices in future , putting the whole financial system at great risk. By resorting to such inefficient market intervention policies, it is only going to spell doom for an inefficient financial market not founded on strong financial fundamentals..

With the foundations itself shaking so badly, only a matter of time before the final crumble..

The law makers have done a good service to the country by rejecting the $700 billion bailout plan at the expense of the ordinary tax payer .. They can take other positive steps to bail out the economy, which has already started seeing the end of the day, though people are not wise enough to admit it will happen so early..

With the Dow Jones slipping 600 points, what is coming next ??

If international investors understand the futility of investing in a bubble economy like the US, and withdraw their money, it is end of the day for 300 million of the 6000 million inhabiting planet earth .. an insignificant and inconsequential event...

Open up to market forces, do not be a cry baby .. Be bold to face the consequences.. Some day one has to own up for one's good and bad deeds and stop running behind mamma's petticoat ..

Hope the House of Reps take some other steps to set right a tottering financial system from the rot it has found itself in..


Friday, September 26, 2008

Bush and Moanmohan Singh in Washington, Sept, 25, 2008..

Expecting the Indo US nuclear deal to be ratified House of Representatives, Dr Manmohan Singh is camping in US with an entourage from India ..

The House will take the matter for discussion on 26 September, 2008.

Mostly,  the deal is through.. US gets almopst $80 billion worth business from India because of this deal.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Equating political defections with religious conversons..

Political defections and religious conversions, an eternal debate ..

Religion is a personal issue and every one has a right to his own religious beliefs .. Forcible conversions do not happen anywhere and if it happens it is a blot and needs to be immediately corrected..

Tribals and dalits have been suffering for centuries under the caste system. With the majority community in no mood to break away from it's strangulating grip over the lower classes, the only hope for them is to switch from one belief to another. Conversion to another belief gives them the sweet freedom to move away from the status quo of bondage, deprivation and penury. It helps them to break  free from the bondages of historical and societal injustice meted to their community over the years.

The forward castes are in no mood and state of mind to understand and deplore the injustice existing in society. Instead of taking proactive steps to relese these people from the bondages of poverty and social deprivation, they wish to contnue to exercise their control over them. Politics is a clever and sharp arrow in their quiver for this purpose. They want the injustice resulting from the system to continue given its historical background, importance and heritage value.

Orisss is one of the states with the largest instances of poverty deaths in India.The poor are being exploited so extensively, resulting in the dalits and tribals suffering the injustice silently. How long can one expect the suffering communities to take this insult, injustice and denial of self respect ? But politicians want it to continue.

Under the allurements of a better standard of living free from exploitation and social deprivation and a definite salvation from this circle of penury and suffering after death, these people get converted to Budhist and Xian faith across the country. Just a natural response, given the support from the Indian constitution which gives the freedom for a person to follow any religion sans oppression and exploitation.

The knowledge and understanding of the architect of the Indian constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar who framed the Indian Constitution, given the humiliation, trouble and suffering he had to undergo to do doctoral studies at one of the best Universities in the world, Princeton in US during early 1900s, is commendable.. The foresight of another great statesman, Pandit Nehru, to understand this great man and request him to frame the constitution which to this day is a role model for the world, forms the basis of Indian democratic processes of equality, liberty and fraternity, is equally commendable.

Forcible reconversions are found to happen in areas where people have been converted to Xian faith. By force, people are being reconverted to a particular faith, which is wrong.

Political conversions or defections, where the political representatives of the people and the people themselves defect to another line of political thought , under force is deplorable. If it is through allurements and convictons, can we prevent it ? Who can deny that politics is again a personal relationship betwen the individual and the state, like religion is between the individual and God..

As long as politicians continue to influence people and their conscience and convert them by allurements and conviction and as long as it is socially accepted, who can point fingers at religious conversions from one stream of belief to another ?

Any statement in converse, would be devoid of any logic or reason.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Attacks on Christians .. what a shame ..!!

I know many of my friends are feeling uncomfortable reading and watching the events unfolding during the past two weeks in the country. The cultured and civilized among us will really feel ashamed. The hatred and the resultant violence being propagated by Bajrang Dal against the Christian community is continuing without any restraint.  Without any proof of conversions, churches are being targetted .. This morning on Sunday, three chiurches in bangalore have been targetted.  Famed film director Mahesh Bhat was quoted as saying that prosletysation, is not an idea imported from the West, it is very much an Indian concept and has gone out from India. Budhism was the first religion from India to spread out and prosletyse millions to its fold.

While the Indian constitution does give freedom to its citizens to practice any religion, no religion can forcefully convert people to it's fold. All religious conversions in this country starting with the Budhists and Christians have been happening with conviction than thru coercion. The question whether tribals are originally from any religion or not is still a point of contention among religious scholars.

Targetting vote bank politics and in the name of creating communal hatred among the communtities, we are witnessing these days terror attacks by mobs on religious places  and terrorist bomb attacks at other places. Mob terror or bomb terror, which is more lethal  ?? Terroris attacks from anybody needs to be condemned. It is mob terror which finally leds to bomb terror.  Thanks to our opposition party and its fanatic ideology and also to its many followers in the country...

Can this mob terrorism behind the saffron flag be classified as nationalism ?? Is that what the Sangh Parivar, the lunatic fringe of society is upto??

The sad part is that for their needs the same people who are attacking Xian institutions do not mind sending their kids or themselves to study  in Xian Institutions. ..  This is opportunism .. Bal Thackeray the old paper tiger from Mumbai is one such example ..  Hypocrites to the core !

The ordinary people who hold such feelings are not to be blamed as it is just natural given their low intelligence. The ordinary man is carried over by the speeches given by their leaders. These leaders are responsible for dividing society and creating rift among the people. It is these anti-social elements, who are the real anti social and anti-national elements..

The advisory from the Central Govt which has gone to the BJP ruled states to control such anti-social elements is enough indication that BJP is the real problem maker in the country and they are intent on creating communal tension in the country and want to divide the country on communal lines. They do not believe in the principle of unity in diversity, instead are hell bent on the concept of majoritarianism based on religion, community etc.. This fascist tendency is real dangerous and should be nipped in the bud itself. 

The Gujarat Police was so dumb is tracking the culprits behind the 2002 Genocide but was very quick to offer all support in tracking the terrorists behind the recent blasts. What an irony ?? The double standards and lack of values of these keepers of societal conscience
is just baffling..

The advisories of article 355 are a shame on the BJP govts and hope they take enough steps to rein in attacks on the Xian community who are silently suffering all the attacks, praying for good sense and reason to dawn on these communal elements.. The Xian community will only retort with love, care and compassion .. Throughout history it has been observed that Christianity has only grown from strength to strength with attacks and persecution.

India cannot tolerate such lunatic elements creating trouble when we are actually marching to 2020 domination of the world with China. The country needs to rein them ..

The demand from political parties to declare article 356 ( President's rule ) in Karnataka is just an indication of the bad publicity these elements have managed for the majority community.

Attacking a peaceful community does not bade well for the majority community. It is not part of our great culture ...

george ,,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank you, Bush, you do things better than Bin Laden ...!!

What Osama Bin Laden could not achieve for the US economy, Bush is showing the world that he can do it much better .. It is really difficult to understand why Americans are still tolerating this administration with very low IQ to comprehend events in its entirety ..

Corporations with Indians at the helm have performed relatively stable and exercised great caution. More so reason to elevate Indians to high posts ..

The influential Jewish community must have started realising that things do change with time.  With the fading away of influential Jewish pockets, Israel must have started feeling the heat ..

Surely India and China are keenly observing events unfold .. The falling US dollar, falling oil prices, industrial growth pickup in India last month, all point to changing global equations in the coming years .. IT majors are looking to Europe and elsewhere to sustain their momentum ..

Surely Bin Laden is having the last laugh !! (Sorry, I am not as patriotic as some of my friends on this list are, and I don't care.. ...)


Lehman, Merill, goes down under.. Others waiting..

For 158 years, symbol of US capitalism, Lehman Brothers just went down under meekly without a murmur ..... It was a clear illustration of how greed, arrogance and pride can eat even the mighty of the Wall Street.  The CEO Richard Huld would be a lone person now, his arrogance and pride has paid off well.. !!

Henry, Emmanuel and Mayer Lehman would never have thought that the merchant bank which they set up in 1850 would go up in smoke taking with it almost $650 billion, a crisis which was precipitated by the 9/11 bombings of WTC, the resultant sub-prime resulting from an exhortation to help rejuvenate the US economy and so on .. . But these banks gave the loans on doubtful credentials to unworthy individuals and the result is for everyone to see...

Eating pride and hurt by the sub-prime crisis, Merill Lynch got itself rescued by Bank of America for $50 billion... just 25 % of its true asets.. I can understand the mental state of  the employees in these companies ... HP also has announced a major job cut of 25,000 internationally. Satyam in India announced job cuts of about 5000 last week.

What will happen to the investments of Lehman and Lynch in India and other parts of the world. ? 

The beginning of the end ?? Hopefully no and hopefully yes !! Greed and arrogance has to pay for itself finally... This incident could hurt FII investments in India and rest of the world. The flight of FII from the country has already pulled the Bombay Sensex by 300 points yesterday. The IT majors can expect tough times with low IT budgets for companies and hence low money in the making.

Now Enron, Lehman, Merill Lynch, tomorrow Citi, BoA and so on.. The list could get interesting in the coming days ..

Worth the wait ..


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CET Front view ..

College of Engineering Trivandrum, Kerala where I spent four of my most productive years of life.. eh 5 years, course lagging.. 1981-86 ...


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Onam at XIME, '08 ..

The students have been working from 5 AM in the morning arranging the pookkalam in the Boys Hostel in XIME MDP block.

Good one and good effort by the students..

Thank you students, good work ..

Maveli Naadu Vaanidum Kalam, manushrellarum onnu pole..!!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surprise on Vayu Vajra , 11 sept.. Onam offer in Karnataka ..

Was surprised to find the Karnataka govt offering goodies to the population in Bangalore on the occasion of Onam. 

On Vayu Vjra, the Volvo bus, it is just Re. 1 from anywhere to anywhere in bangalore..

Mahabali will be happy !!


7 years after 9/11 ...

I still remember 11/9 of 2001, when at 7.30 PM IST, I got the mail on cet86 from gopalaswamy that US was under a terrorist attack.

When I switched on the TV, was shocked to se the WTC buildings being attacked and people running helpter skelter, live from CNN.

Days later came to hear from Rajan how he got trapped in the incident and could return home only after three days.

Now 7 years later, it is chnaged a lot, though AlQaeda still remains a threat to US, still undemolished, proving the claims of US militart might completely and pitiable wrong !!

The only good thing that has happened to US since then is, it has preferred to partner with democratic countries like India which will ensure it remains a lot on the world scene, much after the 2035 AD deadline (revised from 2050 AD ) the BRIC report from Goldman Sachs which says India will overtake US and Japan to be the second largest economy in the world after China. http://www2.goldmansachs.com/ideas/brics/index.html

The Indo-US nuclear deal, an important one opens up direct opportunities for US companies to do commerce with India to the tune of $40 billion and much more indirectly ... Democracies will flourish, especially the ones founded on firm ethical principles of equality and non-deceit ...


Speech by Rev Dr Paulos at Chicago ..

This is a speech delivered by one of the Bishops of the Orthodox Church
of India, a learned and well read person, late Dr Paulos Mar Gregorios,
who was invited by the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, to
inaugurate its 100 th anniversary in 1998, exactly 100 years after Swami
Vivekananda spoke at the first Conference.

hope you enjoy it, slightly philosophical, yet simple ..


With students at XIME ..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Teacher's Day 2008 ,,

It was a good opportunity to interact with all my teachers, also from IIT Bombay. They were kind enough to respond to my mail.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Biju, sunila and kids...

The top snap is at Donapaula, Goa. Dad and mom, Sept, 93.

Abu Dhabi '08 snaps ..

Concerns reg the nuclear deal, our credibility and over-dependence ..

The waiver to do nuclear commerce which India earned from the NSG is a very good event in the growth story of the country. Partly it is becuase of our need for more energy and partly the international desire to rein our R&D ..

US has been pushing for this deal with India because of our supremacy in the Thorium nuclear cyclewhich is manyyears ahead of the rest of the world. Even with the ban by the NSG from 1974, our scientists just went ahead and showed the world that our indigenous research is capable of beating the rest of the world. Necessity is the mother of invention ..!! It is in the better interests of the world, to thus tie up with India. Of course, we are yet to scale our Thorium cycle to commercial levels and that may take another 50 years.. The best way to stop Indian advancement in that research is to allow India to access the Uranium route. Moreover India needs energy to tide over the present crisis of growth of the country. The only route which does not harm the environment is the nuclear one.

Even after signing this deal, there is no mention of denying our right to conduct tests and non-proliferation. Our declaration of the moratarium on further tests is indicative of the confidence that we have in the area. We have collected enough data from our two earlier tests and does not need a third one to gather more data. We are also committed to the no-first-use treaty of nuclear weapons.. As ex-President Kalam was mentioning, only when our Supreme National Interest is under threat, will we ever need to test a nuclear device a third time. As a responsible nuclear power, we will not bully our neighbours by testing every now and then.

Our commitment to non-proliferation, even in spite of trying economic and political conditions, being a democracy, have only added to our repute as being a country which anyone can depend. It is just the assurance from Pranab Mukherjee, our foreign minister regarding our commitment to non-proliferation that swung the waiver in our favour. Such highly credible is Indian assurance in international circles!!

In course of time, we will need to limit our dependence on nuclear energy at any point of time to less than 10 %. That will insulate us from the dynamics of international politics !! Even that 10 % will be a lot of energy considering the pace at which we are growing now and will do in the future


Monday, September 08, 2008

Teachers day at XIME '08

Teachers day was celebrated in XIME on 5 th Sept, 08.

All the faculty attended the function and the highlight was the crowning of the faculty.

Prof Suresh Chandra and myself sang. The story besides river Shenandoah river in W Virginia, Country roads by John Denver.

Some of the snaps are here....


Chinnu and Silky ..

This photo was snapped after Silky was trying to enquire with Chinnu when she is getting up. After getting the lick from Silky on her face, Chinnu just turned her face around and continued sleeping.

It is morning time and chinnu is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. During the night, silky without the knowledge of chinnu was sleeping besides her on the mattress..!!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

India get NSG nod ...

India is an accepted nuclear power now ..

Wth the NSG countries giving the waiver for India on 6 th September,
to do nuclear commerce with the rest of the world, India is finally
recognised as a responsible nuclear power. The merits of this waiver
lie in the fact that we have earned this waiver in spite of not being
a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT ), the
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and not being a favourite of the
45 nation Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Small inconsequential
countries like Austria, New Zealand were making the maximum noise to
block the waiver, also partly helped by China at the end. Most of
these countries including China walked off on the last day, not
wanting to see this event unfold in full majesty.

The isolation started with the 1974 Pokhran I explosion and was
followed up with the 1998 Pokhran II. India's impeccable credentials
at nuclear enrichment and reprocessing non-proliferation, has helped
it to get it's rightful place in the world of nuclear powers. By this
waiver, India has also exposed the other rogue nuclear power, China,
which has been clandestinely sharing nuclear technology with it's
rogue partner countries like Pakistan, Iran and North Korea. India's
advanced research in the Thorium cycle of nuclear loop also
pressurised other countries into recognising it's rightful place in
the world stage.

The BJP opposition along with their ideologues RSS, and their cohorts
are busy burning churches and murdering soft targets in the country.
They otherwise are know only to commit genocide on innocent people,
demolish religious places and bully around in the name of
majoritarianism. After doing all these, they have the uncanny ability
to escape scotfree (in collusion with the administration), and show
off their pseudo-nationalistic credentials.

They have demonstrated to the people and the world, how
anti-nationalistic they could get by their actions and utterances. All
cries for nationalism, now we understand is just pseudo-nationalism.
When the nation required everybody to gather together for this
national cause, they have shown so much indifference and exposed their
true intentions and colours.They only have petty selfish interests to
meet in this election year. That is why they still do not want to come
to terms with such a perfect nuclear deal which will ensure energy
security for the country, end it's nuclear isolation, allow it do
nuclear commerce and grow and develop at a never-before rate of

Their dumb opposition reflects their lack of intellectual depth. They
have shown to the world how fundamental, communal, fanatic thinking
can pollute one's mind and make one useless in the society. The
leaders and followers are equally to be blamed for this sad state of
affairs. The sensible among the followers will now realise their true
intention, which is to breed communal hatred in the society. That is
what they have been doing since independence and continue to so even
today. Is it nationalism or selfish interests ?? The are upset at the
fact that they were not able to seal this agreement and the Congress
government has been able to seal this historic agreement wih US.

The left is not far behind. In spite of their opposition to the deal,
the central government went ahead, dumping them on the way. They have
got caught in such a deep abyss, that they can only find fault with
such an internationally acclaimed and approved act that will end
India's nuclear winter. The Left, lacking any ideological and
intellectual basis for their unappreciative stand, stands fully
exposed for their pronounced leaning towards China.

Both the parties need to be complimented for providing such a
competitive environment in the country for the Congress government and
for enabling Dr Manmohan Singh to emerge as the final King, the
ultimate statesman who made this possible. In 1991 he started with the
economic liberalisation, which was opposed tooth and nail by the Left
parties, which has become a major success. It is hoped that the
usefulness of this treaty and the foresight of this person will be
appreciated by India and the world twenty years from now, when we will
be able to ensure energy security and lead the world as a genuine
democratic country, in fact the most respected one. What the
communalists and Marxists find fault with now, Dr. Singh is able to
foresee twenty years into the future.

Friday, September 05, 2008

New Zealand - major irritant to India getting the NSG nod ..

While the Indian bureaucrats and ministers were able to clear the doubts of all major nuclear suppliers group members, as regards non-proliferation of nuclear technology, the only irritant seems to be New Zealand.

The tiny island in the South Atlantic Ocean is very concerned about India proliferating nuclear technology, while it is mum on China. No other country in the world has such an impeccable record on non-proliferation as India, even though India is not a signatory to NPT. India believes in universal non-proliferation and not selective proliferation by nuclear powers.

China, an NPT signatory, has been the biggest proliferator of nuclear technology, proving itself unworthy of nuclear cooperation by other states, having proliferated to the rogue states of Pakistan, North Korea and Iran. Fearing losing commerce with China, all major countries have kept mum. Fear is the key here ...

On the face of it, it appears, all accusations raised by the Left and BJP against the government will be proved wrong and India will get the 60,000 MW of energy it requires by 2025 AD, making it one of the fastest developing countries of the world. It is quite natural for countries to be concerned at India's growing clout..

India should stand by its commitment to the moratorium on testing nuclear bomb. It is based on this premise that the nuclear deal has been worked out. Let us not listen to the shouting which the Left and BJP is making in India as it is just pettty politics and selfish interests. They are a worried and troubled lot having been humbled by the majesty of the working parliamentary democracy, which showed these parties where they belong to in history. The are looking at ways and means to confuse the public mind, not to clear it to think positively and support a national cause. Petty opportunists ...

And also a word of gratitude to New Zealand, the little fry, for being so concerned and afraid of India's proliferation .. Does it have anything to say against China ?? Pissing in its pants eh ?


Report of visit by Redlands and Akron Univs to XIME.

Report of the visit of student faculty team from University of Akron and Redlands to XIME – campus abroad programme.

University of Akron, 14 August 2008 to 23 August 2008 and University of Redlands, 18 August 2008 to 25 August 2008.

The five students, spouse of a student and Prof Vijayaraman from University of Akron reached XIME on 14 th Aug, from Hyderabad. After welcoming them, the team went for a company visit to TIMKEN on that day followed by visits to the city, Banerghatta park etc on Saturday and Sunday, before the team was joined by the team from University of Redlands on 18 Aug, 2008.

The 12 member team from University of Redlands, had four Professors, Prof Hindupur, Prof. Noble Goodman, Prof Keith Roberts, Prof Jim Pick and his spouse. Ms. Aidan Goodman, daughter Prof Noble Goodman and Ms. Jennifer Koons, friend of one of the students were the other members in the group, besides the five students.

Monday 18 th Aug, had the students from both Akron and Redlands visiting Tata BP Solar factory in Electronic City Phase I and II. This was followed by a very interesting talk by Mr. Suresh Jayaram to the students from Akron and Redlands about the richnes and diversity of Indian culture. The XIME students were ready with a discussion next on the future of Indo-American co-operation titled, " Can Indo American co-operation ensure world peace and prosperity". The XIME students, five from each batch, were joined by the American students and faculty members. The discussion was very fruitful and came to the conclusion that Indo-american co-operation was beneficial for both the countries and the world. Mainly looking at the threat to the world from Chinese ascendancy, if only US worked with the Indians, can they rein the Chinese. The American participants were very nice to point out how the Indian students were well informed of world affairs and the very good communication skills.

The next day saw the talks by Mr Rangan Mohan who talked on the Business Process Outsourcing scene in India, Prof. R S Ganapathy and Prof C. P. Ravindranathan. While Prof R S Ganapathy spoke of the Indian Business scene, Prof Ravindranathan spoke of the Indian economy, it's growth over the past forty years, the pre-liberalisation and post liberalisation era. In the afternoon all of them went to HTMT where they were treated to a good talk and doubt clearing session on the potential and future of the BPO scenario in the country.

Thursday 20 August started with a talk on the Indian Engineering scenario by Dr. George Easaw. The students could get an idea of how the technical education scene in the country is maturing. The important role being played by Institutions on National Importance, the IIMs and IITs in bringing about a respectful image for Indian higher education abroad was stressed. It was followed by a visit to Biocon which was very well appreciated by the visiting team. Biocon took the students to the Biocon park in Bommasandra Industrial Estate. The afternoon saw a 30 minute presentation by Prof Ravindranathan wherein he completed his presentation of the previous day. Prof J Philip gave a presentation on the Management Education scenario in India. After that the students were left free and went to the city for shopping, sight seeing etc.

The next day, 21 st August, Thursday started with a presentation by the President Prof J Philip on Indian Management Styles. It was well received by the students as was evident from the feedback which came towards the end. Mr. Vinay Deshpande, the founder of Simputer, the miniaturised version of a palm top computer which is gaining popularity with the military and for GIS applications. Vinay's talk focussed on the Indian initiatives in IT innovation. This gave the foreign students an idea of where India's growth was headed to in the IT revolution. Mr S Balasubramaniam from TCS gave a presentation on the state of IT Industry in India, specifically where the industry leader TCS stands and gave an introduction to software project management, which these companies are too good at.

The afternoon saw a visit to Wockhardt Hospital as the students were interested in knowing the future potential of medical tourism in the country. We were taken aback by the facilities provided at the Wockhardt Hospital for tourists who come to the country for major invasive surgeries under an arrangement between the medical insurance companies in US and the hospital. The most attractive thing for the foreigners is that the expenses in India inclusive of air travel and five star boarding and lodging with a week's recuperative holiday also thrown in comes to just one tenth to one twelveth of the expenses abroad.

Friday, 22 nd August, was the day we had planned the visit to Infosys Mysore. We left the Institute at 7 AM in the morning an after visiting some tourist attractions reached Infosys at 11.30 AM. We were given a talk by the Manager in charge of training, Mr Shyam and then taken around the facility. It is not at all an exaggeration to say that Mysore has two wonders or attractions, one is the Mysore palace built in 1890s by the great grandfather of the present king, Krishnadevaraja Wodeyar IV, and the other is Infosys Global Education Centre (GEC), the largest corporate training centre in the world. We saw the excellent facilities at GEC, including the pool, the bowling alleys, snooker hall, TT hall, fully equipped classrooms, auditoriums etc. After a visit to the Mysore palace and the Brindavan garden where we saw the dancing lights, we left for Bangalore by 8 PM and reached XIME at 2 AM.

The team from Akron had to catch the 8.35 AM flight to Mumbai from Bangalore on Satuday morning and they were off from XIME at 6 AM to Devanahalli. The Redlands team went around the city on Saturday and Sunday, visiting the Bannerghatta park, SOS village and so on. The dinner hosted at hotel Taj Gateway on Saturday was very good.

Monday 25 th August saw sessions at 9 AM on Cross Cultural Management conducted by the Director Prof R Venkataraman, followed by Prof J. Philip on Managing the Knowledge Worker. Prof Anil Suraj from IIM Bangalore did the last session on Managing IP rights in the Business Outsourcing sphere. After lunch the team from Redlands went to visit IISc Bangalore and off to the railway station on their way to Hyderabad.

Dr George Easaw, Co-ordinator for the visit. 5 th September, 2008.

Class discussion on the Coffee supply chain ..

This morning at Alliance University, Bangalore, it was a great discussion about the coffee supply chain that happened in the MBA sem 2, ...

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