Thursday, August 28, 2008

Violence continues in Orissa ..

Ever since the gunning down of Lakshmananda Saraswati, leader of the fundamentalist, communal Hindu goup by Maoists in Kandhamal dist in Orissa two days back, violence against Christians and their churches continues in Orissa.

It is on some earlier prejudice that VHP and BJP activists are attacking Christians, their organisations and churches. The BJD-BJP coalition govt in Orissa is hand in gloves with the perpetrators of the violence and crime. That explains the lack of will to impose any strict vigil and exercise control to bring the situation under control. The call by the BJP to pull out of the coalition in Orissa is just a threat to the govt not to nterfere with the law of the jungle and not to initiate any action against the criminals.

These fundamentalists and divisive elements in society under the garb and political patronage of the communal party BJP, know retaliating against the Maoists is playing with fire. The easy and soft targets are the Christians and their social outfits doing service in the society. Else how can the burning alive of a 20 year old girl in an orphanage be justified ??

When communal elements, the lunatic fringe, in society are encouraged by the educated and civilized in society, it is very dangerous and can have portents to corrupt the communal fabric of the society. Like everybody complains why the educated moderate Muslims do not have a say over the terrorist elements in that community, it is time to ask the same questions of the communal elements in the Hindu society too who are out to disintegrate India.

How long will the  government wait to see the end of this communal act against a socially pro-active community ? With already 10 killed in the violence and the VHP, BJP  criminals let loose and not yet reined, the situation is just waiting to spiral out of control. 


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