Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Video mode to Redlands and JPL ..

5 th August 2008, morning 6 AM,  I was in the computer lab of XIME, connecting to Uty of Redlands in California and the Jet Propulson Lab of NASA,

The session was successful, except there was some hitch in the JPL line , we could not login to JPL, neither could Redlands. JPL could login in multipoint with XIME and Redlands.

Polycom, the world leaders in IP videoconferencing, is supplying their 5000 series of VC equipment. Costing about Rs 1.6 lakhs, it is worth the money.

We can think of conducting elective classes with students from other parts of the world. ie. an elective offered in Redlands could be taken up by students in XIME, if the timings could be co-ordinated. The possibilities with video mconferencing are endless and unlimited,

We hope to make good use of this technology for the benefit of the studennt community.

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