Sunday, August 24, 2008

VHP learns it the hard way in Orissa ..

What did the VHP leaders who were shot dead in Orissa do as to warrant bullets on their bodies ??

The Maoists who are taking law in their own hands has become a menace in many parts of the country.

Was it the communal hatred which the VHP has been spreading for a long time against other communities the cause for the attack on them ?

Should VHP stop attacking other communities and instead concentrate on serving the poor in the society irrespective of religion, community and caste ??

Very difficult questions for their leaders to answer.. It is difficult for them to change their mindsets as also of their followers so easily.

Destruction is so easy, as that is the only thing they know, while construction is very difficult and requires strength of character and values and moral upbringing.

We need peace and understanding between communities, social and political for a stronger and better India.


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