Friday, August 29, 2008

Staff at XIME.

Teaching staff and Non-teaching staff of XIME. 29 August, 2008.

Top photo : sitting, L to R : George Easaw, Prof Aramvalarthan, Prof Ravindranathan C. P., Prof J. Philip, Prof. R. Venkataraman, Prof. Suresh Chandra,  Prof S K Iyengar and Prof Samuel Thomas
Standing, L to R, Ms. Aishwarya, Prof R T Verma, Prof Joseph Chacko, Prof S P Srinivas, Mr. Jose Jacob, Ms. Rosemary, Ms. Smishi Rolly

Bottom Photo, standing L to R, Mr Sabhari, Mr Premkumar, Mr. Gopinathan, Mrs. Rita, Mrs. Nancy, Mrs. Susan
Standing L to R, Mr. Noel, Mr Issac, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Mark, Mr. Yesu and Mr. Packiyaraj

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