Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Redlands and Akron at XIME .. ..

Redlands and Akron at XIME ..

It was a good experience co-ordinating the visit of the seven students and faculty team from University of Akron 14 Aug to 23 Aug under Prof Vijayaraman and thirteen members from the University of Redlands from 18 Aug to 25 Aug under Prof Hindupur Ramakrishna, Prof Stuart Noble Goodman, Prof Keith Roberts and Prof Jim Pick.

Good experience interacting with them.

We went to Timken, Tata BP Solar, Infosys Mysore Global Education Centre, Biocon, HTMT, Wockhardt hospitals besides the Bannerghatta National Park, SOS children's village, Meenakshi temple, Grate Banyan tree at Ramohalli, KRS Dam, Brindavan, the flower show at Lalbagh and so on.

The farewell dinner given by them at Taj Gateway was great..

Overall it was great with terific learning on both sides. I also got the good opportunity of visiting major industries with them. Mysore Infy GEC was superb and I was spell bound after that visit, as were the Americans

Thank you friends.. This is the third visit of Americans, earlier St Thomas University from Houston had come to XIME under Dr Ms Beena George. The Italians from Uty of Milano, Bicocca and the students and faculty from University of Applied Sciences, Wuersburg, Germany were the other teams who visited us this year.

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