Friday, August 15, 2008

Ossentia in Georgia compared to J & K ...

Or the Tamils of Srilanka ??

Being generally interested in world politics and happenings around the world, I was naturally trying to understand the threat which Russia is facing from its neighbour, Georgia.

The recent Russian military action in Georgia, it's neighbour was to stop Georgia quelling the rebellion from its peole from Ossentia, in South Georgia. Quelling Georgia's military action against its southerm seperatists from Ossetia who are supported by Russia is an interesting issue which could boil into a major issue. This issue even has the potential of being the forbearer of the arming of Russia and possibly plarisation of the world, bringing Russia back to centrestage of world politics.

Whether Russia thru its new President Dmitri Medvedev was right in attacking Georgia or for that matter the Georgian leader Saakashvili taking that reckless action against dissidents from Ossetia, only time can tell..

Georgia which is looking westward to join NATO would be an immediate threat to Russia in its neighbourhood, is enough reason for it to be very protective of Georgia, (like Cuba is in the neighbourhood of US and US felt very thretaened of it early on..).

Seperatists and secessionists are in every society and it should be the lookout for the leaders to find ways and means to control their hopes and aspirations. That is politics. Trying to contain them by force is not a good idea at all.

We Indians need to ponder whether our actions in J&K are internationally vettable, trying to supress the hopes and feelings of a group of people in J & K ..

How long can our army fight this battle containing the people and their aspirations ?

A vociferous minority within the mainstream tries to assert itself while the majority love peace and prefer to live patiently and suffer silently.

This worldwide phenomenon requires urgent attention by all world leaders on how to contain dissention ..


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