Saturday, August 30, 2008

Maturing of US democracy ..

Maturing of democracies ...

Newspapers and media are abuzz with reports of Barack Obama accepting the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States.. Just the nomination.!!

Anyway,a welcome departure for a country which took more than a hundred years to banish slavery ! From those days to the present where a black American is nominated to the top post in the country, it is a great journey of discovery for a major democracy in the world..Definitely a welcome change in mindsets and perceptions !! sign of maturing ..

It took more than 200 years for a non-white man just to get the nomination !! It needs a great change of mindset, courage and willingness for the white man to accept a black as his country's top executive.. Forcefully entering oneself into somebody else's property and land and establishing oneself in his house as an unwelcome guest, using all sorts of deceit, treachery and violence in dislodging him from his land and then claiming to be a GREAT DEMOCRACY, is the great American dream !! 

And there are some individuals lacking an identity, helping firm up that mosaic of cultures, mindsets and civilizations. Their only lookout is their economic prosperity and well being. For some, it is a desire to achieve more and do higher studies, moving away from a land of extreme competition and intellectual prowess to a less competitive but rewarding one, for others it is a search for a new identity, for others it is search of jobs, the reasons are many.

At the other end of the spectrum you have a country which was forcefully occupied by a colonial power and the hostage finally succeeds to dislodge the oppressor, a distant cousin of the same oppressor who went to the Americas, from his country after 150 years, with pure will power and sense of purpose, employing non-violent means. This country has already finished successful social empowerment experimentation with all such minority communities and socially backward communities giving them positions of eminence in society in just a matter of fifty years.  APJ and KR Narayanan ..

LUS democracy is maturing anyway . It took the self-proclaimed champion of democracy more than 200 years to elevate a member from an oppressed community to a top honorable post, while the Indian democracy had already finished successfully such social experimentation and come out with flying colours. India is willing to help hold the hands and guide our colleague trying out a new experiments.

Good Luck Obama, you have come up in spite of lot of odds and crushed a mindset of 200 years ..

Persistence pays at the end !!


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