Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't support Bandhs .Budhadeb ..

Very strange to hear this statement from the leader of  a goonda and destructive political party..

Now that the future of Tata Nano plant in Singur is on tenterhooks over the continuing agitation from Mamata Banerjee over the land which is to be returned to the farmers in Singur, Marxists should learn this very precious lessonof tit-for-tat. Whatever damage they have been doing to the industries in WB and Kerala over the past forty years is coming back to haunt them..!!!

They have realised by now that they cannot have their say in everything, eve in their own land of West Bengal. They are now getting back in equal measure. If they are ready with blood, Mamata is equally ready. If it is with goondaism, ( the Marxists are very famous for that.. as evidenced in Kerala college politics and Kannur politics), she is on equal foot, reay with a counter for that. 

Mamata needs to be congratulated for her courage in facing goondaism, the language of the Basus, Karats, Pinarayis and VSs.. . In fact, the whole nation is happy that these people are being taught a lesson by a little entity called Mamata in their own land.

The land where Tata Motors plant is situated is on high land, good for farmers to cultivate. The land just opposite the plant is low lying land. The major issue now is regarding providing land for setting up the ancilliary industries for Nano. Aout 400 acres of high level farming land is the issue of contention.

The land just opposite to the plant is bought over by the Marxist leaders, their sympathisers, families and friends as it has real estate value. The Marxixts do not want to return this land. Instead the party of the poor people is fighting against the same poor people for the gain of their rich brothers.

A big question of contradictions !! These leaders are a confused lot, as in Kerala they follow a set of policies, anti-industry and pro-CPM follower while in WB they are pro-big business and anti-people and anti-farmer.

The nation looks forward to see how long the Marxists can withstand the onslaught of the Mamata challenge ..

The shifting of the Tata plant from Singur will be a big blot on the industry friendly face of CPM and it can assure that no industry ever returns to WB and Kerala for the next 50 years...

The nation is indebted to the Marxists for bringing in this culture..


PS. It is not that the Marxists as a whole are holding such high principles and values. there are lot of opportunists among them too, who know how to save themselves !!

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