Thursday, August 28, 2008

A day at Singur, WB ...

Singur is presently in the fourth day of the road blockade of the Durgapur Expressway. Almost 20,000 trucks are stranded. This morning Tata workers were manhandled by the people, not sure whether they are from Trinamool or CPM.

This is a big prestige issue for the Marxists and Trinamool alike.

Having done so much of destruction and damage to industry in the country for the past many years ( driving away prospective investors with the weapon of militant trade unionism) , it is very shameful and pathetic to see how the CPM leaders have done a major somersault on their ideology and principles, down on their kneels, without any remorse !!

The CPM now want to become saviours of the Industry. They know that their survival in this country is at stake with their old stinking ideology. They need to change, lest the country and the world kick them en masse into the trashbin of history.. The smarter among them have given away the principles of Marxism and have become fulltime capitalists, either settling abroad, sending their kids abroad or opening investments abroad. When the society is changing fast, how can only a goup of people realising the futility of their beliefs, resist the change ? Even if they want to, how long can they hold on ?

The whole world has trashed their ideology, even from the land of its birth, Russia and China. The new bird's nest generation in China has embraced the new environment of openness, freedom, competition and globalization with open hands, as has been visible with the successful conduct of the Olympic is China. The only question is when will the sakhakal in India realise this. The earlier they do it better !!

It is quite natural that things will change. The winds of change are blowing hard, first in West Bengal and very soon in Kerala, where the old timers with their futile ideology will be swept off their feet !!

Let us only hope, the changes are localised only to West Bengal and Kerala, not to other states. Nano being a high investment project, all states are looking forward to receive it, given a chance. With Ambani also backing Tata, its shifting from WB is quite unclear ..

Let us hope the nation benefits finally and not any party ..


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