Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is the left really serious about the country ??

In their common objective and desire to fight and keep away the communal forces who were wreaking havoc in the country, they joined hands together four years back. Now with the same threat still breathing down their necks, they have parted company. Who is to be blamed and who is to be applauded ?

If India were signing a deal with Russia or China, I am sure our comrade friends would have come forward with folded hands and saluted everybody to get the deal through.  Is it the anti-US genes in their blood which is causing getting them to react this way ? ( if the genes were anti-imperialistic, it is easy to understand. Else why should they support imperialist China ?)  It is but a pathetic reflection of the extent to which our comrades have been brainwashed, that they refuse to see and hear anything other than through their red eyes ..

If the govt has refused to share the Safeguards agreement to be signed with the IAEA with the Left parties, who are not party to the govt and supporting it from outside, there may be enough reasons for that. Safeguards agreement details sharing or not, given that their ego is hurt and they have been rubbed on the wrong side, the Left is going to pull down the government, then why invite unnecessary trouble by sharing the details ??

Now that they are deeply hurt, it would do good for the Left to keep quiet and not fall for the cries of the right wing fundamentalists. They can save the country from any communal onslaught if they apply reason to prevail over their basal emotions ....

India is such a diverse country that you have nationalists, right-wing nationalists and ultra-nationalists (with allegiance to our neighbours and competitors) all living in the country  !!


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