Thursday, July 03, 2008

Finally the CPM is getting what they deserve ..

It was interesting to watch the dillydalllying going on in the media by political parties during the past few weeks over the issue of the Indo-US nuclear deal. At this time when most of the national concerns seem to have been addressed by the experts to the satisfaction of the thinktank intelligensia and the common man over the sovereignity of the country in matters related to the country's defense etc, the country is waiting to see the deal going through.

In spite of speaking about the merits of signing the deal with US, the Marxists are still fighting to stay with their original plan of thwarting Indian plans to overtake China or Russia in the long run. As these people have only the interests of Russia and China foremost in their minds over patriotism, they still to this day look upto China and Russia as the role models of the world and our ignorant comrades back in W bengal and Kerala still look for support and ideological guidance from the 'capitalists' there ..

The hard bargaining which they were doing to get their share of the pie of power broking, seems to have hit a dead end now. The apple cart is most certain to be upturned by the Samajwadi party which is looking forward to bail out the Govt on this issue in the Parliament even if the Marxists and Communists withdraw support. Mr Prakash Karat's remarks yesterday on TV clearly showed the sorry figure they had cut for themselves during the past few weeks over their obstinate stand.

The coming week will clearly be interesting in Indian politics as a clear picture will emerge on whether the government will stand or fall over the isue of energy.


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