Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At last 600,000 MW is ensured ...

It was remarkable foresight from an individual who was India's finance Minister in 1991, ( along with the then PM) to release India from the strangle of a controlled economy and Indians can now rest on the benefits of that action now and very much into the future. It is an action which has taken India into the forefront of nations.

Another action of foresight is coming up , the passage of the Indo-US nuclear deal which will ensure energy security for India for the coming fifty years. A good way to block India's development and growth was to see that there are energy shortages all the time. Exactly what the Opposition of BJP and the Left were trying hard the past two days. The people of the nation knew it better and said enough is enough, let us have this deal now...

Generations to come will applaud the actions of this great leader. In spite of great personal pain and amongst other allegations of being a weak PM by the leader of the opposition, Dr Manmohan Singh saw the deal through in poise and style, surprising everyone by the way. A sad day for Advani after having raised so many issues personal targetting the PM, to find finally that he was exposed to the core. Advani's fanatic, fascist and communal upbringing and thinking has been exposed and is there open for the nation to see..

The nation can now rest assured that it is indeed in safe hands of our academician and thinker PM, a sincere person, Dr Manmohan Sngh. The interests of the nation have been foremost in his mind, at all times and will continue to be so. 

The Left too have been exposed. But the nation can understand their sad predicament after having tasted fallouts of power, they just overstepped their limits and were going beyond limits in arm twisting. Also they were made to bite the dust. The nation does not expect them to come anywhere near the centre stage of national decision making in the coming three or four decades, if by then they are not totally degenerated.

The Indo US deal is now in full throttle, after the go ahead by the Parliament. Even though the BJP has told that it will not accept this vote of confidence ( they have always been this way, BAD LOSERS.... even after their defeat in the 2004 general elections), nobody cares..


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  1. I have been trying get some idea of how the Left behaved when Manmohan Singh took the country to IMF and World Bank in 1991.

    But I remember during that time the Left and their student wing SFI had brought out so much hue and cry for IMF and World Bank taking over the country and so on. At that time they never knew the benefits that would bring. Similarly if you look at the computerisation of banks and LIC, the war cry they made !! and the loss of academic hours, productive time in the industry and so on.

    These PINTHIRUPPANMAAR are finding the going tough... Their ideology does not vibe with the people of the country. If the country develops, that is a dent in their votebanks.. They want development to be a mirage for the common man. If not this year, soon it is coming, that is the promise they give to the people. To fulfil the promise, the voters have to see them back in power. They fooled the people of West Bengal for the past thirty years and still coninue to do so.

    Because of their policies and the resultant unemployment in the country, their comrades and followers go outside the state and country in search of jobs and livelihood. Many live examples for us to see.. In addition, they also send their kids outside the state and country for studies and jobs. Hypocrites !!!!!!!!!

    Analysing their behaviour over the years forces us to come up with no other conclusion than that the Marxists are the silent warriors for China and Russia in this country. As P Chidambaram mentioned in his speech during the vote of conf discussions in Parliament, the Marxists do not want India to catch up with China .. I do not fully agree to his satement, but I would say, they are hell bent on not allowing India to develop and grow. They want to take India back a hundred years and see that the leaders come back to power again and again to help the people come out of poverty and penury ..

    They have shown to the world, that common sense and patriotism is not above obedience to the party , China and Russsia .. Poor Somnath, after spending 40 years with these third rate fellows must be repenting why he joined them in the first instance !!



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