Friday, June 20, 2008

Recognising false prophets..

How do we recognise these false prophets ?

False prophets love big expectant and appreciative gatherings, they love to perform miracle healings or exorcisms of demons before a large audience ( not in private or the quietness of a room as how our Saviour cured the lame and asked the dead to stand up and walk). They love to crowd the stge with supporters and create an apparent feeling of large following (Thangu style), amaze listeners with brave thoughts ( M Y and KP Yohannan style) and they enjoy the public exhilaration they receive at the end. Their performances always end up with large monetary collections. ( in the name of cost for prayers, prayer towers ( Dinakaran style), Bibles, cassettes and Cds etc.).

They seek personal glory and benefit. They even slander the true prophets. They want to publicise themselves and increase their popularity through mass media of radio and television, ( TV evangelists), use the mass media to collect revenue to fund and expand their further bogus operations, diabolical charmers in a state of exaltation, conceited preachers presenting themselves as God's chosen to the gullible, innocent believers. They also want to transform religion into a weapon of hatred to slander others and as a personal weapon for personal gain.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. The evil fruits of the activities of the false prophets, common to all of them, are pride and the forcible separation of the people from the Kingdom of God.

Because they speak to people what they love to hear ( or what they itch to hear..) and avoid speaking to people from moving away from sins, they are able to give sermons which are soothing for the audience' ears and they get themselves endearing to the crowd. This makes them instantly acceptable among the people and get the favour of the influential in the society.

With promise of prosperity they lull the conscience of their followers to sleep, leading the followers to think of a comfortable life ahead bereft of problems, gradually leading the society to moral degradation. ( this is the false thinking among the people - whatever I do, if I attend the sessions from these false prophets, I am saved. I can be in close contact with God for that 2 hours)

How distant is this cheap zeal and assuredness from the meek and humble image of Jesus and his disciples ?



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