Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can't we do away with fake Godmen/women from our Society ??

What is it that motivates people to run after fraudsters in the society ... ?? or Can't we do away with these fake Godmen and Godwomen in our Society ??

Quoting from the Bible, 2 Tim 4:3,

" For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear." (Standard version)


For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; (King James version)


For the time will come when people will not tolerate healthy doctrine, but with itching ears will surround themselves with teachers who cater to their people's own desires. (International Standard version)


What their itching ears want to hear !!!

Everything boils down to convenience of the people. The convenience of a quick prayer to get them their hearts' desire, the convenience of  quick prayer to get them children or a job or a good college for their kids, people are trying to find the easy way out. We are not ready to pray with our hearts and find out God's real purpose for us in this world. We are not yet ready with the patience to understand God's plan for us in this life. We are after materialistic pursuits and momentary worldly pleasures of this life ..

Be it Thangu, Yohannan or Dinakaran,  we ourselves are to blame for going after these fraudsters... We are responsible for giving them the opportunity to take us for a ride ... Let us not follow our lust and worldly desires or be after materialistic pursuits which is not In God's GREAT PLAN for us ... First of all try to understand HIS WILL ..

Let all who have ears listen and all who have the diligence exercise caution and try to understand !!



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  5. mr thulasidharan,

    you have not yet tried to answer the question which I put forth. Getting straight to the point, what is your take reg the false prophets ?

    I have mentioned verses from the Bible for your convenience. I have respect for you .. Try not to look after momentary , worldly pleasures, be after the WILL of GOD. Try to understand it, it does not come very fast. Only through patient suffering and obedient living will God reveal himself to the people.

    Not by singing rock'n'roll or shouting about the Lord, and collecting money on his behalf. That is th greatest fraud which a person can committ, misusing the word of the Lord and at the Last Judgement, the punishment will be severe. So beware ...

    Turn to the true God, not to false prophets , the wolves and the ravens...


    And I pray to God that you get the wisdom to identity the false prophets

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  8. have you heard of tithes? have you heard of offerings? have you heard of charity? do you think that these three are one and the same?read malachi,it says you steal from God if you dont tithe.old testa,ment is 10 % , new testament is more.The lord says test me in your giving.The lord showed his example by giving his first begotten son. many of the traditional churches are all about traditions and dont have a clue about the fact that jesus is alive and is here with us right now.
    You talk about rock n roll christians.do you know the etilology of the word rock in roll? it was orginally an american slang for having sex in the back seat of a car.Surely you dont mean that( it will be better suited for the cochin arrest).When you talk about clapping and singing in the spirit, read the book of acts where in people thought that the apostles were drunk on wine, also read the story of king david who started dancing in the streets in front of his servants because of the joy that overtook him. So people who have met the real christ cannot hold themselves and do a muscle piditham worship in the presence of the lord. they just dont care who is looking , but soak in the spirit.someday you will understand brother.so it will be better to hold your horses and take a second look at your upbringing. Mine was wrong , i changed it when i saw the truth and i certaily did not see the truth in any of the traditional churches with only traditions in them and nothing else.good bye.I guess it is futile to write to you because the only readers are you and me and some time back a thomas and a kat and kit.well sit down and ask the lord:- lord can you clear up my mind? are these bornagain people i hate so much be right or me george easow be right? (i geo go to church every sunday, i dont make a noise like them when i worship, i dont talk in tongues, i dont believe in being born again, i dont like pastors who raise money for gospel work,i beleive in fighting my own battles. i beleieve the traditional church will give me heaven, i believe that there is no difference between men of god and godnmen.Well pray brother, i dont hate you but i hate the devil for putting you in this state of mind. No christian in the world will create blogs meant to tarnish the image of men of God.That itself is from the evil one,resist him with all your might geo.dont give me your pathetic i respect you bro, first learn to respect God and men of god and all the folloers of christ.you have no right to say that penetcostals are rock n roll christians.Good bye n God bless.Thulasi

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