Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beware of fraud while filling petrol in Bangalore and elsewhere in india....

In Bangalore it has become common practice to distract the attention of the driver while petrol is being pumped to your vehicle resulting in short filling of the vehicle. This fraud is rampant in Bangalore..

Even when we ask him to fill for Rs 500 or 1000, the tender pretends as if he has heard only Rs 200/=. Smartly after our attention is distracted by pointing to some offer by the oil companies, he starts the filling when the meter is reading from some earlier value, say x, more than zero. He winds up the filling operation and then we see that he has put only for Rs 200/- ( actually he puts only for an amount less than 200, ie (200-x).). Then we ask him to put the remaining 300/= which he does.  Finally the consumer ends up filling less than Rs 500/= and is at a loss of 'x'. This 'x' may be anywhere between 50 , 100 or even 200. A hundred consumers in a day, the gains for the petrol pump is very high ..

The notorious petrol pumps for this is Sri Venkateshwara BP outlet in Madiwala, near the Police station and the BP outlet in Johnson market. These are the two places where I got duped.. I have stopped going there ..

As a precaution ensure the meter is always set to zero before fuel is pumped . Never allow your attention to be distracted while filling fuel, come what may !!


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