Friday, May 30, 2008

Traffic chaos at Electronic city ph II Bangalore..

You have to see to believe it..!!

The traffic chaos at Electronic city Ph II junction in the morning between 8 and 10 AM. It is madness !!!!!. Even though there are private security guards (totally untrained for controlling traffic) manning the point, not a single police officer is in sight, it is utter chaos ( some mornings an officer in mufti is seen controlling traffic at electronic city phase I stop).

Until the elevated highway is in place ( God knows how long it will take..), the authorities need to do something urgent. Here are some ideas which could be implemented immediately to save petrol and diesel and save the country precious foreign exchange from vehicles idling at the junction for traffic to clear.

1. The immediate need of the hour is to have a traffic signal light installed there. ( vehicles come from all directions and presently they go the way they like causing even the normal traffic on Hosur Road to come to a standstill)

2. The second step is effective policing to catch and heavily fine traffic law offenders. I have seen so called sensible people taking the left most lane and at the junction pushing their way to the right most causing the whole traffic to come to a halt. The vehicle numbers of motorists and heavy vehicle drivers jumping , lights and lane should be immediately noted down and fined.

3. The private people controlling traffic should be properly trained and be given enough authority to confiscate licences from traffic rule offenders.

4. BMTC buses should be asked to stop to embark and disembark passengers only at the extreme left section of the road instead of at the middle.

5. Pedestrian crossing (Zebra crossing) be made very visible at important junctions on the Hosur Road  for the comfort of the pedestrians.

6. The construction co. should be asked to inform the traffic dept of major blocks or realignment on the road to enable planning for smooth traffic flow.

Hope the Bangalore traffic authorities take note of this and do something for restoring normal flow of traffic on the Hosur Road.


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