Thursday, May 29, 2008

The money clout of minority educational institutions ..

I happened recently, just last week, to go to the Rajagiri Engg College in Rajagiri valley in Kakkanad, Ernakulam, St Josephs College of Engg, Pala (where our former Principal Dr P J George and DTE is the Project Director) and Christ College here in Bangalore. Mind boggling !! The number of institutions they have and the infrastructure was simply great. Huge buildings and the way they are being run !!

I wonder wherefrom they receive the money to run these Institutions. Is it only in India the religious institutions or minority institutions are so powerful monetarily and politically that they usually have their way through without much of problems..

Have some of the religious minority institutions lost the zeal for service and become truly commercial institutions ?? Viewing everything with a commercial eye ??

Is somebody misusing the long placed trust the public has in religious institutions as being pious and service oriented?

Just thinking loud .. especially when the pubic is sensitised about what is happening in the name of spirituality and so on ..


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