Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House blessing - koodasha ..

Fr Thomas, Vicar of the St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral. Johnson Market came home with the kapyar for house blessing prayers yesterday, 13 May 2008.

It was a good time and there is a lot of change in the home routine since then.

Kind regards,

George Easaw


  1. koodasha!! looks more like a get jesus and hapiness into your lives ..the truth will set u , laugh, enjoy life..everyone looks glum, why did u not make this house from legal means?? hehe hehe

  2. Johnson market???at least spell the name of your vicar correctly and it would be nice for a lover of mankind to call the kappiyar by name too

  3. Thomas,

    This what I have been telling my friends.. these born-agains are the most lousiest of people. neither do they know anything of christianity or Jesus, nor do they want to know anything.. Minds are already closed by intense brainwashing sessions to which they have fallen prey !!

    They are scared to disclose their identity and prefer to spam others blogs...

    be a gentleman ..!!

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  6. happy that at least you feel that you know the bible and Jesus.Jesus woudnt write about stuff that you write..thats why u dont find believers writing to you about the orthodox achan who got arrested yesterday..If the achan has done somethhing its between him and god and god does not look for a third person to argue on it savvy? dont judge others , but then u need to apologize to God for blasting out at people who do Gods work and at the same time apologizing for writing against mata.There is more to it than meets the the bible and in life....get out off religion bashing , it will not do u or others good

    10:01 PM

  7. These born-agains are the lousiest and worst among hypocrites. They are constantly at the throats of other people. Low value upbringing and ignorance coupled with some ego problems make them worthy of divine intervention. Let us pray for them..


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