Friday, May 30, 2008

Gujjars of Rajasthan take law into their hands ..

It was interesting to read news reports during the past week of a community in Rajasthan, called the Gujjars, ( the Jats ) take to the streets, cause damage and destroy public property and disturb public peace not only in their homeland, but also in other states of North India, notably New Delhi.

The most worrying factor was that the movement of the Gujjars is being led by an army Colonel, Kirori Singh Bainsla, a person who, by his profession, is committed to help keep the rule of law and maintain peace and order in the country. 

The reason for this agitation was that Gujjars were not being branded as Scheduled Tribes ( akin to the nomadic tribes roaming the mountains, wearing only shaddis, with bow and arrow, wild dances and so on). They were not content with the other backward community (OBC) status given to them. (neither have we seen Col Bainsla dancing around the fire in his shaddis..)  They are aware of the spoils and gains from a reservation system being practiced in this country for the past many years. It was really pathetic to see how Col Bainsla after having enjoyed the frills of power during his lifetime, was now fighting for improving the lot of his community, by taking them lower in the social strata, from OBC to ST. What a pity !!

Their reason was that Ms. Raje, the BJP CM of Rajasthan had promised them ST status in her election fake promises. Sadly, the Gujjars took these election promises and , look what soup the are in now....

Kaychittu irakkanum vayya, madhurichittu thuppanum vayya ..

Sadly, this community thinks that it can take the country to ransom.. It reflects the low IQ of the community leaders who still believe they can have their way in this large democracy.
Somebody needs to inject some sense into them.


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