Wednesday, April 09, 2008

From Potala palace to atop the Golden Gate bridge..

The journey of Budhists from Tibet under the spiritual guidance of Dalai Lama after abandoning the Potala palace in 1959, under Chinese aggression and occupation, to climbing atop the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco to protest the Olympic torch getting free access and travel through US,,has been a journey of bitter truths and struggle to preserve Tibetan culture and fight for it's autonomy.

Though the Chinese are struggling their level best to avoid a showdown in Tibet in the runup to the Olympics and to impress the world of it's commitment to human rights and preservation of Tibetan culture and identity, the truth is exactly the reverse.

The economic might and the market potential of the Chinese mainland has always been an eye closer for the capitalist economies of the world to violations of territorial integrity and human rights violations by the Chinese. How long can this state of affairs continue ??

Whether this Olympics will sensitise the world to the Tibetan demand for an autonomous homeland and preserving Tibetan culture, remains to be seen..



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