Monday, April 28, 2008

Entrepreneurship programme at XIME..

There is an interesting programme here in XIME on entrepreneurship which is being sponsored by Hewlett Packard (HP). The duration of the programme is for two months, the first month, is classes on finance, accounts, HR, marketing, operations etc for half day and the other half is for factory visits. The second month the candidate will be placed in an industry of his liking for three weeks and then the eighth week will be mentoring in XIME. the candidate will be introduced to many aspects of financing, accounts, marketing, operations, human resource management etc etc. during these eight weeks. The fee for whole two months is only rs 3000/=.

having this exposure will be beneficial for students wanting to start their own enterprises., if he is interested as he will get good idea of how industry works, management etc.. the course starts on May 5 and is up to July 5.

the stay can be organised in the boys hostel and food can be had from the nearby hotels. as students are out on their summer projects in industries, the hostel is free and mess is not working.

in case of any doubts, pl  call me on 09739527110 for any clarifications .if some of your other friends are also interested in entrepreneurship etc, they can also apply.

george easaw..


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