Tuesday, March 25, 2008

India, the second biggest wireless telephony player ..

Good news for Indian mobile users and players.. With majors like Vodafone and Virgin entering the market, the market is hotting up with new subscriptions and superior technology and cut-throat competition, ultimately benefiting the customer the most. With value added services, the India customer stand to benefit the most. Where in the world can you talk to your loved one, any time of the day, for 10 mins from Kerala to Jammu, almost 3000 kms away for just 10 rs, ie. 25 cents !! Let us not forget the initial contribution of earlier PM Rajiv Gandhi and the Chairman of the Telecom Commission then, Sam Pitroda, now the Knowledge Commission Chairman, who really helped bring telephony to the masses by bringing in superior telecomm technology and telecom exchanges to the country, by encouraging indigenous research in telecommunications.

The efforts and steps taken then has started to bear fruits now. There will nobody else happier than Sam to hear this news.

India is set to overtake US as the third largest wireless telephony (mobile) player in the world. Growing at a rate of about 8 m new subscribers every month and with a total of 251m subscribers, as of Feb 2008, it is set to overtake US by mid April, which currently has 250 m subscribers and growing at about 3m subscribers a month. By mid april,08, India will have almost 300 m wireles subscribers and will be second only to China which presently has about 500 m + subscribers and is growing at 7 m new subscribers a month. (TOI)


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