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Good Friday and easter ..2008 ..

Good Friday and Easter, 2008 ..

Good Friday has always been a day of mourning for Christians - this is the day of rememberance Jesus' crucifixion on the cross. For Oriental Orthodox Christians of the world, especially the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians of India, this is the day of sobre celebration of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. this year Good Friday and Easter Sunday fall during the weekend of the third week.

Actually the celebrations start fifty days before the Easter Sunday.   That is the start of the lent season when Christians across the world, start enacting Jesus' going to the desert and observing fast for forty days. During this period, Christians do not take milk / Non-vegetarian food and some of them even do not take food, observe fast, till afternoon. As a layman, I have observed this fast, though not rigorous, for the past many years. More than discarding food, it gives me enough control over my life, being able to control the mind, emotions, feelings through food intake, which in turn also controls the mind, speech, actions, comments about others.
Lent season is thus a period originally assigned by our forefathers of repentance, suffering and penance. It is also the period when most of the people take new promises.

One of the main differences between the various denominations of Christians is the intensity and outward show during much of the celebrations. Orthodox Christians have always believed in keeping the celebrations sobre and elegant while various other denominations, shout at the joy of Jesus' presence by their side during prayers. This outward show more than often results in people mininterpreting the good intentions of the chuch.

George Easaw

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  1. hi,
    i just happened to read your post, its all true about the lent season and celebrating Jesus!
    But dont limit the power of crucifixion and resurrection for a few days, HE should be celebratd, all 365 days of the year, the power of resurrection should be manifested each day in a christians life! Its to take our cross daily and follow Jesus, that is to die to our will each day, every moment allowing HIS will for us, to take place each day each moment, that is all about crucifixion and resurrection!
    HE wants us to celebrate his crucificion n resurrection every minute!


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