Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chinnu and silky ..

This is a lovely snap of Chinnu and our Labrador Retriever dog, Silky at our house in Peermade during Jan 08. The place where  we stay in Peermade is by the side of the stream / tributary of the Periyar. The old Peermade bridge , built when the Kottayam Kumily road (KK Road) was initially built got old and is now no more motorable. A new bridge has been built and the KK road ha been diverted over that bridge. During the rainy months of June - September, the stream is full and it is a real treat to watch the water gushing out from under the bridge.

Our immediate neighbour is advocate Sabu Thomas of the Peermade sessions court. The house where we are staying belongs to Varghese Sir from the Peruvanthanam post office. The rent is Rs 2000/- p.m. A cool and lovely place it is quite old constuction but decently built.

In a few weeks we will be leaving the place for Bangalore. Pranap Govindan and his wife from MBC College of Engg will be the new occupants of the house.

George Easaw

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