Friday, February 15, 2008

A vase with just one type of rose..

A vase is not beautiful with just one type of rose.. - Lalu Yadav

India has developed so far with the combined effort of our people over the years. People from all acros the country have contributed in no small mite. We are a mighty powerful state in Information technology, atomic power and space technology. Our managers and accountants are world class. Very few countries in the world can compete with us on this account.

It was very unfortunate to hear some regional chota leader in Mumbai rattling out very disparaging remarks against the North Indians staying in Mumbai. It was quite saddening to note his cousin too following him, a chota neta himself.

In this context , I fully appreciate the words quoted by the Hon Railway Minister of India, Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav He said that a vase looks beautiful only when it has many types of flowers. If it is just one type of rose, it is no good and will soon lose it's charm.

Similarly our country has it's beauty and charm because of the inherent diversity. Peoples from the different regions stay together in love and harmony. It is in this context that I wish to assert the importance of tours for students at some point of time in their student life. In these formative years, they will come to terms with the reality that India is not just the India you see through your bedroom window, it is much vast than your drawing room and much bigger than your TV screen !!

When people are not well read and not exposed to the outside world, the thinking and personality gets stunted. Xenophobic reactions develop against other people. It is this psychological fear that has gripped the two cousins from Mumbai. Unless it is treated soon, it is highly likely the present violence will take a serious turn, spreading across the country and take India back a hundred years. It is not at all a matter of pride to see North Indians fleeing Mumbai. The damage their uncle Bal Thackeray did to the social harmony of the city of Mumbai is again at stake with the irresponsible rantings and actions of this nephew and son. The right to work, stay and settle anywhere in the country is guaranteed by the Indian constitution through Article 19 (1) D and E.

This frog-in-the-well syndrome of these intellectually challenged cousins from Mumbai needs to treated on urgent basis, lest it go out of hand. Authorities may please note !! The political party which was hand-in-glove with these cousins, is keeping itself at a distance as it has by now understood the futility and damage it could do on their reputation, already tarnished as a hindu chauvinistic party , but a regional chavinistic one too.

George Easaw

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George Easaw

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