Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Talk in XIME by Dr Ravindra, Advisor, Infosys..

On the morning of 19  Feb 2008, we had  a special speaker talking to the German students in XIME. None other than Dr M P Ravindra, former Advisor to Infosys. Dr Ravindra was frank and brimming with confidence the way he was speaking. Reeling statistics and figures, he pointed out that India has a share of 35 % of Knowledge Process Outsourcing in the world now and by 2011 it will become 71 %.

That was very comforting for Indians, but very discomforting for Germans and the rest of the world. Accept it or not, India is taking on the world by it's horns. Being silent for over 300 years, we were observing to what limits the colonial powers could dominate the world. Now it is known that they have blown out of steam. Patience, an eastern virtue is starting to payoff now !!( those are my words..)

Thank you Sir, the talk was very informative and motivating. Looking forward to hear more from you.

Kind regards,

George Easaw 

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