Sunday, February 10, 2008

Raj Thackeray continues his idiotic rantings ...

It is really pathetic to read of the insensible rantings from some small fries - regional party leaders, trying electoral stunts of arousing people's emotions on sensitive matters in time before the general elections coming in a years' time. The interesting thing is to note how these regional, insignificant parties which are on the wane, are doing much harm to the integrity and unity of India. If only the state government takes some serious steps like putting them behind bars or issue warnings not to disturb the peace of the land, can we expect any sense of reason to prevail.

These unintelligent leaders who have lost their power of reasoning or sensibility can only damage the fabric of communal and regional harmony by their nonsensical rantings. Maharashtrains around the country may be feeling ashamed how such fools can put the nation and their own existence in great peril.

It is a known fact that less 'Outsiders' - North Indians, Gujaratis, Eastern and South Indians, Mumbai will be a big zero !!!

These are the perils of hoisting immature baby leaders on the people in the name of dynasty politics which is being perpetrated by Bal Thackeray and his coterie. THis  is for sure, the beginning of the decline of his party's influence on the common people in maharashtra.

Hope better sense prevails on the rulers and these eerkili party leaders to stop such irresponsible rantings, nipping them in the bud itself.


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