Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lalu Yadav and his magic wand..

On Tuesday, 26 Feb, Lalu Prasad Yadav will deliver the railway budget.

Continuing with his sheer detemination to silence his critics, Lalu is this time too expected to give the nation a ralway budget which will be very popular, making the common man happy. No fare increases, reduction for upper classes, more trains an so on.. The Ralways is expected to conitnue it's profitable running with last year profits / excess reserves running to Rs.21,500 crores +. ( almost US $ 4.5 billion) This is no joke for the fourth year !! It requires terrific will power and sense of purpose to be able to deliver such profits on a public utility and the only public utility at that. The state road transport corporations, state electricity boards, the state public works departments have all become dens of corruption and inefficiency.

Lalu will continue to be remembered as a leader of the masses, terribly misunderstood by the people of differing political thoughts who are always looking for the first opportunity to smear dirt at him. The great thing with him, is that nobody in the history of the indian railways, did ever initiate an operation of this scale in the country, and finally succeed  !! There lies his greatness..

The nation needs more people like him !!


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