Friday, January 25, 2008

Neuro linguistics Programming workshop at XIME..

The past two days we were very busy with the International Conf on Management Education at XIME, Bangalore. The most impressive talk was given by Prof Marti Subramanian, Professor for Economics at the Stern School of Business, New York. He traced how the management education is carried out in US and how faculty continue to the moist important part of the building up of b-schools in US.

I was impressed by another session on Neuro Linguistics Programming given by Mr Andre, from Portugal. He took us through the workshop on NLP and we were totally impressed by how our thought processes  changed after the six turns of 360 degrees we were supposed to do. When i started with my aim of teaching at one of the best b-schools in the world, after some three turns, I found that the goal was getting clearer and clearer for me with the path very well defined. It changed the way I looked at the prospect of teaching at the best b-school and made me think that it is very much possible for me. Focussed  working, original thinking and hard work, writing and creative thinking can take me close to my life ambition. I know now, it is not an unsurmountable task, very much within reach and sooner than later, I will achieve that.

I want to read more about NLP and induce more students into this field. Also I want to see that I am able to incorporate this creative thinking into my teaching mechanism at XIME.

Kind regards,

George Easaw

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