Sunday, January 20, 2008

An immature US democracy ..

All the hype surrounding the prospect of Barack Obama becomng the first non-white President of the US will just go up in thin air when the major states go to electing their party nominees during the first week of February. These are the very states who do not believe in allowing a non-white man  to become the next President of US. And they have a compulsive excuse, the people voted so..

The common man and the educated electorate in US needs to be more accomodative of the less fortunate and looked down upon communities..  The US democracy is still immature and it will still take many more years to allow a non-white to be the President by popular consensus.

Unlike in India where not only a person from the oppressed community and minority has already become the President, but Prime Ministers too...

US still has many things to learn from other countries, specially India..!! the incipient fear of a falling dollar, nonetheless..

Kind regards,

George Easaw  

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