Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Breaking the back of LTTE .

It was really interesting to read how the Indian forces and Lankan forces togeher helped break the back of the terrorist organisation in Sri Lanka, the LTTE.


LTTE had over the years grown from being a political outfit to fight for the freedom right of self determination of the Tamil speaking population of the North and East of Sri Lanka, to one which was exisiting to continue the terrorist activities of Velupalli and his cohorts. Using totally inhuman activities, like enrolling children to the armed forces, using human shields against the Sri Lankan army, eliminatng leaders of similar Tamil freedom orgainsatons who would threaten Velupalli's authority, to arbitrarily breaking the ceasefire pact to it's advantage and crying for international intervention when the going against it was getting tough, LTTE has tried and exhautsed all the dirty tricks in it's baggage.

Now with all it's resources getting destroyed or exhausted and internatinal funding for it's terrorist activities drying up gradually and international support for self determination for the Tamils losing it's support and sheen, they only have themselves to blame for this pitiable situation.

India's intervention in 1987 - 91 to help the Sri Lankan govt find a peaceful soluiton to the crisis facing the nation at that time, can now be said to be bearing fruits. Cause we have never believed in supporting any activity which threatened the unity and integrity of any country, be it ours or theirs. The breaking of East Pakistan to Bangladesh included..

The days of the greatest terrorist and terrorist group in this part of the world is numbered. It is all over, LTTE, better lay down your arms and join the Sinhala mainstream, you still have a future there..!!


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