Sunday, January 20, 2008

Advani finds himself in deep shit...

A thank you note, for not dissenting on Mr Advani being nominated as the PM in waiting (hope it is not a wait for ever !!) in the form of a statement by Advani pressing the case for conferring the Bharat Ratna on the former PM, Atalji, has returned to haunt Advani himself.

An innocent, yet selfish, political move to corner a share of national glory for his party leader Vajpayee, Advani has out of sheer selfishness caused irrepairable damage to the whole process of selection and conferring of Bharat Ratna in the country.

The statement has set the bird out of the cage, publicising the secret desires of political functionaries to corner, though ineligible, a share of national glory, as a matter of convention and precedence  !!

Advani will never ever talk to the press on this matter again !! The cat's out of the box ..!!

Times of India was quick to come up with the list of people in the history of India who have refused state awards for some reason or the other. Even though only one RSS leader, Dattopant Tengdi, has refused Padma Bhushan, the reason appeared very strange, unless his mentor and RSS hard core ideologue Dr Hegdewar and Golwalkar were awaded Bharat Ratna..

Andiyodadukkumbazhe maangayude puli ariyathullu.. ( only when one nears the seed, can we know how bitter the mango is..)


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