Friday, December 21, 2007

Xmas celebrations at XIME.. 20 Dec 2007.

(The choir members - back row L to R, Neethu, Oliver, Vineeta, Shana and Priyanka, front row L to R, Preethi, Sukanya, Sue Ann, Shirisha, Miriam and Anju, the guitarist Anoop Samuel and me too..)

20 Dec 2007 was the day when Economics paper got over for the first year students at XIME. And it was the right day for them to celebrate Xmas with their friends and faculty.

The students were practicing the xmas carols for the past one week and were eagerly waiting for this day.

Finally at 4.30 PM , the President Prof Philip, Mrs Philip, Secretary Kuncheria and Mrs Kuncheria and Director Prof Panduranga Rao along with other faculty members and students got together in the auditorium.

The carol group started their songs.

All the usual numbers were there. After the cake cutting the carols continued. The favourite of the day was the masala dosa for the students. An automatic machine was brought from the city, which could make 6 dosas in 2 minutes.  Students had as much as three or four per student, no dinner please !!

It was a very enjoyable evening, with santa claus around, added to the cheer of the students.

The youngsters were very jolly and refreshed after the programme.


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