Friday, December 07, 2007

Sub Prime crisis and opportunities in US..

The sub prime crisis in US is unfolding terrific opportunities for Indians to invest and buy property in US.

In a years time we can see lots of people defaulting in repaying the loans they have taken for buying property and this will result in lot of distress sales of housing property in US. Property will be available at dirt cheap rates.

Yesterday's declaration of a ban on mortgages ( and not allowing Banks to raise interest rates) for at least five years may easen out the Americans a bit, but Indians are just waiting for the right opportunity to buy into US.

Anybody with cash of about INR 40 lakhs ( US $100,000 / =) can be assured of double returns in five years flat.

Don't waste this opportunity if you are interested .. It will be a great opportunity for ordinary Indians to show their tenacity to the world ( and not only our great businesses !!)


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