Friday, December 28, 2007

Pak Opposition Leader Benazir goes off ...

Quite sad and tragic. A burning torch of democracy is gone from us.

In about two weeks time there would have been a major change for democracy in Pakistan if Gen Musharraf had no plans to rig the elections in his favour. But fate had it another way.

She was brave and was the real promise for Pakistan to get back to democracy. Even though she and her husband were accused of bribery and corruption charges, she braved against all odds and returned to Pakistan. In the very firsy meeting itself in the first explosion about 140 people were killed.

She was not provided enough security, that is what we need to conclude. She did not die of bullet wounds but while ducking the bullets, the shock of the explosion was so much that her head banged against a lever of the window through which she made her appearance.

Sad for Pakistan and democracy ..


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