Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fighting to be called backward ..

' India must be the only country in the world where people fight to be called backward '

This was told by one of the top industrialists in the country, NRNM of Infy. Yes it is indeed a sad reflection of the state of our polity. The crave for government jobs which allow enough corruption and lethargy, ensuring security for a lifetime, is but a sad state of affairs.

There are very few forward castes in the country, all take pride in being called backward so that they can corner the benefits of reservation. They can ensure seats for their children in the best professional institutions in the country. Politicians also play the game targeting the voter base, getting the people continue or migrate to the lower strata.

The caste system is prevalent now but all castes are trying to go down instead of going up. They know that is where the dough is, not on top. Take pride in being a lower caste. How times have changed. Earlier only the scheduled and scheduled tribes formed backward castes, but now, even the more advanced castes in the states take pride in being called other backward castes (OBCs).

Finally we will have a system where almost the whole population would be backward, let us hope the nation still goes forward then..


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