Thursday, December 20, 2007

Common guidelines - SUPA at XIME ..

Socially Useful Productive Activities ( SUPA) at XIME is a valuable social training for the students. Among other things, the experience helps them to have a broad awareness of the effects of managerial decisions on the socially deprived communities. 

XIME is among the very few B-schools in the country to have such social work incorporated in the curriculum. This is because we believe that Managers have an obligation not just to the corporates but also to the society to which they belong. The training they get from the social organisations helps them to get a broad idea of the effects of their decisions on the socially deprived communities.  

The broad guidelines of what could be done during the three week period from Dec 30 to January 20 are set out below. 

1. Exploring potential for funding sources for the NGO or the Organisation concerned.

2. Meeting up with potential donors and explaining to them the benefits of donating.

3. Preparing documentation needed by the Income Tax department to consider exemption from IT of any donation made to the organisation.

4. Liasoning with government departments for relaxatation of any taxes/levies /duties levied on the organisation.

5. Improve public awarness by designing websites and registering e-mail ids, by training people to check their e-mails and reply to them, training people to update their organisation website and designing/DTP for pamphlets/handouts for the organisation.

6. Finding suitable job/productive work in surrounding areas which could generate revenue and promote a feeling of self respect for the inmates, given their physical and mental capabilities.

7.  Studying the organisation structure and recommending changes / revamp.

8. Try to redefine the objectives of the organisation and how much the present structure is able to achieve.

9. Finding out how much of each rupee is gainfully and wastefully spent - analysing overhead expenses and real benefits.

10. Scouting around for sources of lower interest rates for capital loans taken by the organisation.

11. Writing project proposal for funding critical activities by external funding organisations.

12. Write articles for publication in major magazines and newspaperes about the positive work being done by the organsation.

13. Organising recreational/cultural activities for the inmates of the organisation.

14. Procuring/training inmates to operate and maintain satellite TV/Computers/Internet etc.

15. Purchase/maintain indoor games for the physical well being of the inmates.

16. Streamlining / preparing documentation for adoption of children from the orphanages. 

The students are requested to take photographs of the organisation and it's activities and attach them to the writeups / reports which they are required to submit on their return to the Institute on January 21. Students are required to keep a daily diary of activities during the 3 weeks.  

A mid-term report (after one and a half weeks) of the work is also required to be submitted by the students to the e-mail id

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