Wednesday, December 05, 2007

सत फ्रांसिस क्साविएर डे अत क्सिमे, बंगलोर ..

The Xavier Inst of Management and E'ship Bangalore celebrated th St Francis Xavier Day 2007 on 3 rd December 2007 in the Institute Auditorium at 8 AM.

The mass was conducted by Rev Fr. from the nearby Catholic Church.

The choir did a good job and accompanied the mass celebration well. The President, Secretary, Director, senior Profs and Deans attended the mass along with the students and other staff from the institute. The three french students from Euromed, Marseilles - Carol, Hector and Priyanka also attended the mass along with the students.

The breakfast which was served to the students after the mass was a treat with kerala style appam and vegetable stew.

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