Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Being away from home !!

When i was carrying research at IIT Bombay, for the first three years my family also stayed with me, from July 1998 till 2001 June. After the study leave period got over, I had to join back the College of Engineering Goa and used to make visits to IIT over long weekends or by taking leave for a week or availing vacation periods etc. But the period of stay was never more than two weeks at a stretch. Goa and Mumbai was well connected with the Jana Shatabdi running for 8 hrs the distance of almost 550 kms. Since the journey was comfortable I used to travel quite frequently.

After shifting to Bangalore, it is just two months now and I have been visiting family only once in a month. The pressures of work and the good academic atmosphere here keeps me off thoughts about going to Kerala frequently. Anyway I do keep contact on a daily basis with my wife over telephone, getting to know about the happenings there and the studies of the kids and so on.

With another four months more to go before my family joins me in Bangalore, I do not really know how I will be able to cope with it.

But I consider myself very lucky when there are employees in the Gulf who meet with their families only once in a year or two !!

So till April 08, it is pulling along !!


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