Sunday, November 04, 2007

Withdraw/amend Hyde or risk 123 !!

BJP's tough stand on the 123 Act

This stand of the BJP is very plain headed and they deserve kudos for it. Yashwant Sinha's tough stand sends enough signal to US that the 123 Act can be accepted by India if only the Hyde Act, the legislation passed by US Congress to act bully with India in Dec 2006 is withdrawn or amended. US claims that the Hyde Act (wiki on Hyde act..) was the US Congressional approval for the 123 deal. The 123 act requires only Indian cabinet approval and not the Indian Parliament approval ( but US Congress approval.. How skewed is it ??).

Or let Indian Parliament pass another legislation bypassing / overruling the US legislation. I am sure the US Congress is not foolish enough to think that it can bulldoze it's way through anything. Being partners in an agreement there is nothing like big partner or small partner. Any agreement can only be accepted on equal terms..

The US initially itself did not play in a fair way. It played foul by agreeing to the 123 Act and then silently got the Hyde Act passed in the Congress which overcomes all earlier legislation. Good that our politicians acted smart at the right time. Henry Kissinger who was siding with Pakistan during 1971 with Nixon now comes abegging to the Left leaders asking their support to sign the deal. That itself shows that there is something fishy in the whole deal and the whole deal is skewed totally in favour of US private businesses...

The Left and BJP need to be praised for upholding national interests over temporary short lived benefits. ( and they succeeded in scoring over the Congress this time, for sure !!)

The people of India are also seeing thru this smart US game plan. We can sign the deal only after the Hyde Act is withdrawn or amended or India passes similar legislation to protect it's interests..


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