Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why a trek for management students at XIME ?

Management students at Xavier Inst of Management and En'ship, Bangalore are planning to go for a trek with staff members on 18 November 2007.

What are the objectives of this trek ?

Management learning cannot be complete with just learning theory from books , interacting with learned academicians, interacting with professionals from Industry or visiting industries to do your project work. It is also about developing the right attitudes to life, learning to work as a team, taking leadership roles when the situation demands, organising activities for the group at short notice and learning how to get people understand your thinking and getting them to your side.

Trekking is a group activity where you get to know your team members very well by being with them doing a physical activity like walking through the forest or climbing mountains or some other similar things. For about 8 - 12 hours, sharing the difficulties, the joy and fun of companionship, one develops a good bondage between the team members. The physical activity seems less tiresome when you see your friends also doing the same thing. It is minute and surmountable. ie. big problems get smaller and smaller. They don't actually get smaller but your attitude to the problem makes it appear smaller.

Likewise in life too, we come across numerous problems. It is the attitude to life which helps us to face the problems and solve them. In our careers the many problems we face can be made enjoyable with activities like this which will help to develop the right attitudes to life.

Care for the environment :

Environment is a great concern these days. The modern mantra is to condition our life, activities, thoughts and actions so as not to disturb our relationship with the environment. If it were not for the environment we would not even be on this world now. Understanding this prime responsibility of mankind to care for the environment is the other major objective of the trek.

By being with nature for a long period, we get to appreciate her well, her varied hues, colours, emotions and expressions, how they are revealed to us. The colours surrounding us, the wonder at how the creator has created them for us to appreciate and live with, the mysteries and colours of the blooming flowers, the colours of the birds and fruits around us. This trek is an opportunity to take some time off from our busy schedule and appreciate nature and it's gifts for mankind. We need to keep this thought very much in our minds, " We have not inherited the Earth from our forefathers but have borrowed it from our children". Our children too have a right to enjoy it as much we and let us be kind enough to give them that privilege.

The trek will make us environmentally conscious citizens. Whatever decisions we take in our future careers, in whatever organisations we work and in whatever new ideas we incubate, the impact on the environment needs to be well studied and understood. We get to respect mother nature and be thankful to her for her bountiful gifts she keeps showering on us and fellow beings every day of our life.

In short this trek will help us be socially responsible citizens of the country or as we were just mentioning , green managers !! Always a step ahead of the competition..


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