Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trek to Mekadatu, 18 nov 2007., terrific photos Alok Anand..

The active enthusiastic students of Xavier Institute of Management and En'ship (XIME), Bangalore is planning to go on a trek this Sunday to this place called Mekedatu, about 100 kms south of Bangalore as part of the nature club activities of XIME.

From kanakpura, we go on the main road southwards to reach a place called Sangama, the confluence of Arkavathy river and Cauvery river. After alighting from the bus, we cross the two rivers. Trek for 4 kms (one way) along the Cauvery river to a point where it gorges itself through rocks at the place called Mekedatu. In Kannada, Mekedatu means goat's leap, ie, goats could leap across the gorge and cross the mighty Cauvery at this point .. Some goats must have died in the process. The legend is very interesting. I do not know whether any humans have attempted and succeeded.

The return trip also has the same 4 km trek and the two river crossings. During summer, the water level does not go beyond 3 to 4 ft, but being just after rains, it is feared the water level may be about 10 ft or so. We require the help of expert swimmers from the group to take all of us across the riners. We are carrying enough ropes to take us across the Cauvery and Arkavathy. On the return route we will also be visiting the Chun-chi waterfalls on the Cauvery which is about 25 kms from the main road.

It is recommended that students come in their trekking gear, with good shoes, canvas preferred, water bottle, cap, some chocolates, dried fruits and a set of clothes to change, in case you would like to return in a fresh set of dry clothes than the stinking, sticky ones after the long trek. The organising team of Amal, Anoop etc will also see that there are enough frisbees and other things to play around in Mekedatu.

The students are informed hereby that the bus leaves the campus at 6 AM and so collect your breakfast (bread, omlette, butter and jam) and lunch ( veg pulao with raita) packs from the mess hall before boarding the bus. Tea will be served in the mess hall at 6 am for the trekkers. we hope to return by 8.30 PM and have dinner in the mess hall itself.

we hope to have some wonderful, quality time with almost 100+ students ( boys and girls) and five faculty in 2 buses. Unforgettable times of your life !! With fond memories to cherish your whole life time !!

Amal and Anoop have also made a movie on the trek, a good one, quite enticing !!

Hope we have more such treks in future and develop a strong bonding with mother nature ..



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  2. Thanks for arranging such kind of wonderfull programme. This kind of programme will bring a good unity, understanding and co-operation amoung the students and staff. Apart from this all will get refreshment. Thank you sir.

  3. thank you sir for the good wishes. This is def only the beginning of a wonderful series of exciting treks. thank you,

  4. I whope you all have a wonderful time..

    Take care and come back with lots of memories and photos that we can share too...

  5. thank you kitten.. for the good wishes.. we shall def post the snaps and the memories of the trek thru this blog..

    thank you,

  6. Have a good one sir..... safe journey!


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