Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is the Left in West Bengal getting back in equal measure ??

Is the Left front in West Bengal paying back heavily for the folly, dadagiri and oneupmanship it has been carrying out all the while in WB over the past 30 years ??

One is given to understand that it is learning a bitter lesson this time from it's bete noir in WB, Ms Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool Congress. With the social activist Ms Medha Patkar also having joined sides with the displaced people of Nandigram, it is all the more good news for Mamata as she the agitation she has been spearheading gets world wide attention and publicity. Recently some other prominent personalities from WB society have also expressed their solidarity with the oppressed people of Nandigram.

The CPM as a party has never cared for inner party democracy and if it comes to goondaism and dadagiri to get the approval for it's authoritarian ways it is there in the forefront to just carry that out. Exactly that has been happening in Nandigram. The press and media have been denied access to the areas of Nandigram where people have been forcibly made to return to their homes which have been deserted following clashes between the pro and anti evacuation volunteers, thanks to the collaborating state police force. Now the CRPF has reached there and will give a helping hand to the state government to restore a semblance of normalcy and peace in that area.

The Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi speaking against the high handed tactics of the government in Nandigram and the subsequent verbal attack by the state CPM Secreatry Biman Bose on the constitutional authority of the state was totally uncalled for. It has only degenerated the image of CPM among the civilized people of the country.

The coming days will of course expose the excesses of the CPM cadre in the far flung villages of Nandigram, adding to the woes of CPM and it's leader Budhadeb Bhattacharya.


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