Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kerala Church History post 1500 AD, part II

Before the advent of the British, the Protestant Movement had gained ground in Europe with the ex-communication of Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk after he published about ninety one thesis against the Pope on the church door at Wittenburg in Germany. The pope being considered the almighty and infallible personality then could not take this affront lightly.

With the advent of the liberal Protestant movement, more importance was given to the Bible and direct communion with God through prayers than on the worship, traditions and customs which had crept in church worship over thousand five hunderd years. The Orthodox Christians, ie. the Oriental Orthodox who had separated in 471 AD after the synod at Ephesus, the Eastern Orthodox Christians who had objected to the increasing importance of the Bishop at Rome and his interference with the churches at Jerusalem and Constantinople and had separated out around 1100 AD, and the Catholic Church at Rome continued with their traditional worship and customs. .

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