Friday, November 02, 2007

How unethical can American sportsmen/women be ..

The retirement from professional tennis by Martina Hingis, when she got caught of cocaine use is a shocking news to tennis lovers world over and a shameful affair to the tennis fraternity.

The admission by American athlete Marion Jones of steroid use some moths back was tragic for the whole athletic community who felt betrayed by her.

Do these people know the gravity of the crime they have committed against the sporting communities of the world, against their own fraternity ??

Why only Americans are getting caught ? Are they the cheaters of the world ?? And the "greatness" lies that they confess only after getting cornered..else walk free and to fame.. So mad after athletic fame that they are ready even to compromise on values and care least for the years of hard work put in by their colleagues from different countries and use unfair shortcuts ..

This is not a general statement, but conveys a lot of scepticism and puts a question of integrity on Americans as a whole, their achievements over the years and their carefree attitude to life.

The general feeling is that it is a natural reaction arising from the fear of being overtaken by the Chinese and Russians.

Better they refine themselves soon else get thrown in the dustbin of history as a community of cheaters and liars ..


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