Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dinner with Prof Gerald Groshek .., 7 Nov 07.

Our Prof from Uty of Redlands, Prof Gerald Groshek is leaving the XIME campus by the end of this week back to the US after completing six weeks with us. Tonight we had a pleasant farewell dinner with him, Director Prof Panduranga Rao, Dean Admin Prof George Kuryan and myself with Prof Gerald.

The venue was a natural resort cum club house on the outskirts and within walkable distance from the XIME. Country retreat.

After spending almost six weeks with us, this is the first time I got to know Prof Groshek well. Over drinks we exchanged lot of ideas, cultural aspects, politics, the American way of life, Presidential elections coming in Nov 2008, Godhra pogrom and what not. Very interesting .. We had lot of meaningful exchanges on Indian society, values, the royal family of Travancore in Kerala, the national pledge, the oath of allegiance in US etc..

The best thing he liked about India were the colours.., everywhere he could find colours , the dresses, the flowers and everything.. The people he found very friendly and mistaking him for a hollywood actor ( very handsome really..) and wanted to pose with him for photographs. The cordiality of the people, their friendly nature everything appealed to him much.

While in New Delhi, he also had the opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal. He went to Goa, Kerala etc..

We wish he keeps returning often to this Institute often and share his wide experiences from all over the world with the student and staff community.


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