Thursday, November 01, 2007

US, patiently waiting with the trap ..

US is patiently waiting with the 'hidden' trap as to when our scientists and politicians get dumb enough to pressure our political leadership to sign on the dotted lines of the Indo US 123 treaty and submit ourselves, our country's sovereignty and our promising R&D group with it's superior Thorium cycle for nuclear power generation to the US.

US is blushed as it never thought Indian democratic processes would be so vibrant and kicking even to the extent of sacrificing temporary benefits to India ( energy surplus oiling economic growth) and US ( businesses worth 40 billion dollars to American industry) for national interests of protecting our sovereignty and promoting Indian R & D in nuclear tech . Even Henry Kissinger ( the special envoy of private US businesses) cut a sorry figure with L K Advani and had to return red faced and empty handed !!

Democracy in US has always been inward looking. Our people have outsmarted them and have looked into the future and planned for the next 100 years, should say. The Indian people have decided that they will be under no obligation or commitment with any country of the world, how large it be, which will decide and be an impedimant on our independence, sovereignty and march to development.

The tenacity of our indigenous research community to bounce back and strike back with greater power and venom ( with better results and when the situation demands) has never lost the opportunity to hit back at sanctions and isolation in the international scientific and research community. The growth in indigenous nuclear technology, supercomputing, space technology, missile technology etc are glaring examples of our superiority. Our scientists and researchers have shown that we like it better when cornered and pushed to the wall. Once pushed to the wall, we shall live by it and see how we can leverage that pushing and cornering for our benefit.

Establishing our superiority in the thorium cycle of nuclear energy generation, where we are almost twenty years ahead of US research ( with about 40-60 % of Thorium reserves in the world on the Kerala coast - part of the Gondwana coast, the rest being shared with Australia..!) is a big threat to the US' deceptive, covert plans to establish it's intellectual,moral and physical superiority over the rest of the world.

The sky is not going to fall down by not signing the 123 deal, totally skewed and favouring US, with the passage of the Hyde Act. Maybe Bush will lose his credibility, as also Rice and others in the administration, but that is not our headache.

The month or two long debate in the country has finally resulted in opinions getting crystallised and formed with the national interests topmost. Let it be so for the time being. There is always time to watch and wait. Maybe we will be slow to reach our developmental goals but we shall reach there with lot of conviction and self respect than ride piggyback on somebody else.


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