Monday, October 08, 2007

Towards a more tolerant exploration of space frontiers..

There is an urgent need to sensitise the world countries of the need for some moderating force in space exploration and the conquests of it's infinite frontiers. It is good that after thirty five years there is renewed interest in space exploration among the space faring nations. The words of Konstantin Tsilkovsky cannot be more relevant than now. What we see today is rampant commercialisation and militarisation of space, especially the Star wars initiative during the Reagan years. The spy satellites orbiting the earth is proof enough of this subversive intention of a section of mankind.

Let us not forget that space is the joint property of mankind. The countries which have the technical ability to build and launch satellites are using it for their personal benefits (including India), while we see Africa, the cradle of human civilization craving for growth and development, with some sections in depraving poverty. The Space Lab initiative was a welcome philanthropic move but there is less interest in such joint ventures now.

Like we have polluted and monopolised earth for our selfish ends, let us not likewise monopolise space and the unknown frontiers beyond. Let our children also get an opportunity to gaze at the stars and the unknown universe and be amazed by it's vastness and precision. Let us not pollute it by launching a myriad of satellites, blinking, posing a constant threat of space debris. Considering it's vastness this is only a remote possibility, but nonetheless cannot be dismissed altogether.

If mankind is to establish a foothold in alien and inhospitable environments, co-operation among the countries of the world is vital. A joint space exploration committee which can oversee individual explorations and at the same time leverage it for the development of mankind is the need of the hour. Hope the countries of the world will look beyond the immediate commercial benefits of space exploration and strive for leveraging it for the whole of mankind.


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